(01) ABOUT

(01) ABOUT

T-Generations is an eyewear brand creating optical and sunglasses frames.

The “T” in our name stands for titanium, our chief raw material, and “Generations” underlines our focus on crafting products that are built to last generations. Designed in the UK by E.Gucewicz and carved from solid blocks of titanium in Shenzhen, China, before being finished and hand painted in Sabae, Japan.

Sustainability is Repairability: T-Generations was born out of a desire to achieve greater sustainability through durable and repairable designs. Our emphasis on creating products that are built to last generations is part of an eco-conscious philosophy of encouraging consumers to rethink disposability and adopt a more sustainable approach where the most ecological product is the item that doesn’t need frequent replacement or disposal. We recognise that eyewear pieces do not have a massive ecological footprint individually, and that switching to use ‘eco-materials’ does not address the energy and consumption cost to the environment and the individual. These glasses are crafted from solid blocks of titanium, an exceptionally robust material that ensures their longevity. 

Additionally T-Generations has partnered with our Japanese manufacturing partner, Fukushima in Sabae, to enable a repair service allowing customers to fix mechanical issues or refresh the frames’ appearance with a simple strip and replating or repainting process, extending the glasses’ lifespan. 

We aim to craft eyewear for the ages yet to come. This first collection reimagines our creations as artefacts from our current industrial age recovered in a distant future, referencing the artistry of time, erosion and oxidation.

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